Monday, 6 April 2009

Minimalist Esthetic

After piling on garish neon prints, anything remotely metallic and shiny (preferably gold and preferably dripping in sequins), anything animal print (still need to buy some zebra have tiger and leopard unless you count the neon animal print tee shirt which I was madly in love with on a certain night I did not sleep) my passionate love affair with eighties club wear rages on.
However I like to say it is futuristic clothing, afterall the eighties adopted very futuristic design in all aspects of society from fashion to electric music to skyscrapers, now those strong shoulders and skinny leggings are back and I am embracing them with open arms. In my opinion since we live in the 21st century it's time to start dressing like it. Like Ronke Ihkaria, think Alek Wek in London street fashion, whom I would pretty much give all my fingers to look like. I saw her this weekend at the Trailer Trash warehouse birthday party wearing a shiny leather catsuit, and she wasn't just leaning against the wall being haughtily fabulous in it. She was dancing for all she was worth to that dirty electro disco like secret agent of the future she was.
Feast your eyes on her at (alternatively go to Rokit Brick Lane where she works to see her in action):
But I digress so after spending the weekend in gold leggings, a suit of armour that looked like it had been used to film The Predator. Equipped with this dress philosophy I rolled in from some exotic north London locality this morning in last night's tiger, gold chain, and print hood scarf at the hour of eight a.m. no less. This is what you get for having sex with people with real jobs, but if you can handle the lack of sleep I highly recommend it.
You will be very proud of me, I did not go back to bed when I got home, I had some muesli, watched an AB FAB packed my school bag and prepare yourself, I went to the library. As I was in this library mood I decided to channel some simplicity and austerity. Drop crotch trousers, pointy patent ankle boots, grey tee shirt, and brown blazer, with my glasses (that are quickly gaining London wide fame). Though I definitely knew the strictly business look, looked good I didn't know it looked this good. Two style bloggers snagged me on my way home (which was at three when my body with it's three hours of sleep was begging for mercy and a reprive from academia). Which is definitely a record for just Carnaby and Great Portland Street. The lovely Australian Vanessa Jackman just put my photos up which as someone who vainly trolls blogs on an hourly basis after my picture is taken I strongly appreciate. I really need to work on that. Check her out here:
Now that I have been exposed to the benefits of looking chic, polished, and successful ( basically like an actual adult who has a real job) I think I will definitely repeat some variations on this theme in the near future. For the time being however bring on that polyvinyl, purple Uniqlo creation with hood that would look oh so good with my gold chain...

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